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One can make friends out of even the fiercest enemies by offering them good food. Food is as important for our life as the life itself. People need to eat healthy and nutritious food in order to carry on their daily routine. While it may not be possible for you to have access to cooked food every time, there a few problems with the food that you eat outside.
To make things easy for you, we decided to step into the food catering industry a few years back. We absolutely love the food we prepare. We want to serve people with some of the best cuisines they ever had in their life. We prepare food that you can not only eat, but enjoy. We have a strong belief that the best quality of food will give you the most satisfaction and superior feel of taste.

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Birthdays remind us of our childhood and all those gifts which we used to get from our family and friends. We help you make your birthday a more memorable one. You can either choose your own venue or use our premises for celebrating birthday parties. It has become almost customary for us to send birthday cards to our former and current clients to mark their birthday. Such exemplary steps have helped us in being the best Birthday Party Catering Service in Kolkata.

To make your birthday a more special event we will help you with that. We the professional and highly reputed caterers in Kolkata will decorate our space as per the theme which is in your mind if you want to organise your birthday over here or at the place of your choice. Not only that, our professional staff will work closely with you to know and understand what kind of guests you are planning to invite. Depending on this we will suggest the food items both veg and non-veg which you must-have in your menu so that your guests can enjoy the meal.
One thing that you can be sure about when our team will be there by your side is that your guest will receive a high class of service.
To know more give us a call and book an appointment so that we can have a clear face to face discussion.

Family Reunion

Reuniting with our family and friends after a long time is such a refreshing moment in our lives. These reunions can be small, like just with a few friends, or big, like a community meeting or marriage anniversary. You can use our premises which can be customized to a theme if you wish. Royal Cook Caterers hold great pride in organizing such reunions and parties with great success.
The professional and experienced team of Royal Cook Caterers, well-reputed caterers in Kolkata have always been successful in organising different kinds of events and family reunion is one of them. We understand people's emotions and the way they want to remember their old days, have a conversion on funny childhood and school events, etc. while having their favourite meal.
You are free to select the menu which you know that your family members will love. If there are some special cooking instructions which you want to give, we will like to note it down so that your loved ones come to know that you still remember their taste and the kinds of foods they like to have.
You can easily reach out to us through call or SMS and we will connect with you for further discussion. Our team members will help you in everything in a professional way and efficient manner.


Reuniting with our family and friends after long time is such a refreshing moment in our lives. These reunions can be small, like just with a few friends, or big, like a community meeting or marriage anniversary. You can use our premises which can be customized to a theme if you wish. Royal Cook Caterers hold great pride in organizing such reunions and parties with great success.
So if the big day has arrived where you have to impress your boss as he or she has given you a responsibility to organise a corporate meeting for some VIP guests, then you can trust us to help you out. Our team members are always there to guide and support you in the right direction. We will make it so easy for you that you don’t have to do anything
You just have to provide us with the details about how many guests will come, what kind of corporate events it is and what your guests like to have. We, one of the best caterers in Kolkata will serve them tasty and delicious veg and non-veg food items that they will keep licking their fingers. We will also manage all the arrangements and you can keep your focus on making the VIP guests comfortable and impressing your boss.

Team buildings

Team building is one of the most enunciated corporate events. Such team-building meetings usually take place in reputed hotels. There are all sorts of business people with their own needs and purposes. Catering to them without any complaints and maintaining quality has been our trademark in this business. These team-building meetings are also an opportunity for us to test our skills and make improvements.
- We know that in a way to motivate the employees and make them aware that they are the most important pillars of the organisation, team-building meetings are done. The main motto of organising such kinds of building activities is to create a special bond with the people and help them to work together, develop their skills, understand their strengths, and give them the best solutions to overcome their weaknesses. The team-building meetings should encourage collaboration and we will help you in achieving a great result.
While you can fully keep your focus on how to motivate the employees, the special caterers in Kolkata on the other hand will fully take care of the catering service. From chicken and mutton items to veg foods, you can easily select the food of your choice which you want to be served to your people after the meeting. We ensure that our team will help you in creating a strong impression on your people which will give you the best possible results.

Corporate parties

Corporate parties can range from a simple get together to lavish 5-star parties. These parties are usually organized to mark a special day for the business and product launches. We have made our name by successfully organizing such parties. Our well-experienced team makes sure that things keep on running smoothly as long as the party goes around.
Leave all the worries of organising corporate parties and serving your guests with delicious and tasty varieties of foods on our experts. Our highly experienced chefs and staff members have always been successful in managing such kinds of events. Since we are in the catering industry for years we know about the things that need to be done to make the party successful.
Whether you are planning to invite some VIP guests for launching the new business products or for celebrating a successful year our skilled caterers in Kolkata will make your day a more memorable one. You just have to make us aware of your needs and requirements and rest we will successfully manage it. You can trust our professionals to make your special day one of the most enjoyable and exciting experiences.


Indian marriages usually require a large space for marriage celebrations. Finding suitable marriage or community hall during certain times can become a daunting task. This is where we share your burden by providing you with our premises for such occasions. We work on marriages of all budgets from medium to high. We have gained valuable public relations in the way that has helped our business reach new heights and maintain our reputation as the best wedding caterer in Taratala, Behala.
Marriage is one of the biggest events in a person’s life. While they might be too busy looking after their guests, arranging everything and getting ready for their special day, they may not get the time to enjoy the way they might have planned for. Therefore to help them out we are right here.
You can hire us to organising and managing the most beautiful day of your life. You can rest assured that all the people whom you have invited will get a VIP treatment from us. To make your special event a more exciting and fun loving experience our caterers in Kolkata will serve your guests the hot, tasty and delicious foods of their choice. Our team makes the best efforts to provide a safe and enjoyable environment to our guests where there is no one to disturb them.
To know about our service and menu we request you to book an appointment so that we can make you understand everything.


Anniversaries are really important days in a person’s or business’s history. These are days of remarkable significance as on these days we started something fresh. We help mark your anniversary celebration in a grand style. We can create a theme-based ambience to make their special day more special. We allow our premises for such occasions.
We will decorate the venue in such a way that the people will be highly impressed, specially your better half. And the food that will be served to them will be tasty and mouth-watering. We can prepare varieties of food items both veg and non-veg. From Mutton and chicken kasha, korma, curry, Mutton, Chap, Rezala, to biryani, plain rice, pea rice, prawn and fish items to sweet dishes and much more. We have the skills to provide you with any kind of food that you want to be served.
Our caterers in Kolkata will also help you in selecting the food items for your special event so that you can impress your better half and your guests on your special day. And if you want to cut a cake with your better half then we will arrange it for that too. You just have to fully prepare yourself to enjoy life with your loved ones.

Baby Shower

A baby shower is a popular way of celebrating the expected or delivered birth of a child. This is observed by presenting gifts to the child’s mother at a private party. It also marks the celebration of the transformation of a woman into the next stage of life as a mother. This festival is becoming more and more popular among various cultures. Such occasion is a great way to build up relations.
As the first baby shower is one of the most special events which you will not like to miss and waste your time organising and looking after your guests, one thing that you can do to enjoy it leaves the catering worries on us.
Our professional caterers in Kolkata will help you in organising the events and will decorate the venue in such a way that you might have hardly thought of. And when it comes to selecting the food items you can easily have a look in our menu section. Over there you will get to know what kinds of food we specialise in serving and the one which you will like to add. Since we have been in the catering industry for years we do understand the needs and requirements of our customers. And there is no doubt that we have always been successful in delivering 100 percent results.
If you need any additional help or is there any special requirement you just have to let us know. We will fulfil it on time.


There are various occasions on which people need space that is somewhat bigger than their home space. These celebrations are basically abstract in nature like VijayaSammilani, New Year and Christmas celebration. We have catered to such occasions successfully which has established us as one of the top Event Catering services in New Alipore.
The team of Royal Cook Caterers are highly committed to provide our customers the best and a safe service for any kind of event. Whether it is a birthday party, mehndi, sangeet, haldi, rice ceremony, jamai sasthi, pooja, etc. our caterers in Kolkata will deliver great results.
We know that it is our duty and responsibility to serve the customers the best foods that they will hardly get to taste anywhere else in the city. So our caterers in Kolkata make their best efforts to do so. We only use natural ingredients and varieties of Indian species which are specially selected by our experienced chefs to prepare the delicious foods. You are free to welcome and have a look at the way in which we take care of our customers and the kind of ambience and environment we provide.

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