5 Best Ideas To Arrange Wedding Menu In Budget

Wedding is considered as an auspicious occasion where two persons come together to start a new journey. It is one of the most important milestones of life which is witnessed by many people. Couples tend to invite relatives and friends to celebrate this beautiful moment with all of them. Guests also attend the wedding to enjoy the event and offer their best wishes and blessings. Along with numerous rituals, good food is the lifeline of any wedding event. There comes the need of a good caterer and best wedding menu in Kolkata so that you can conclude the event within your budget.

Ideas to arrange wedding menu

An Indian wedding consists of a series of ceremonies. When you host a wedding event with so many pre and post-ceremony then that can get a little heavy on your pocket. You may wish that all your known persons attend the event but it is essential to plan the even in the budget. After finding wedding catering menus and prices, you need to plan accordingly. How to cut the costs? Arrange the menu in such a way that good food is served to the guests and at the same time you save some money.

These are the ideas that you need to follow which arranging the menu:

  1. Keep away the booze: If you include cocktails in your wedding menu then that will incur you too many costs. In Indian weddings, it is not necessary to serve alcohol. You can keep it prohibited in the party and cut a huge amount of cost. If you want to keep alcohol for your friends then throw a bachelorette party. That would cost you much lesser.
  2. Serve snacks: Serving appetizers to the guests will ensure that the guests end up consuming less main course. You can serve guests bite-sized snacks with the alcohol or serve it when they are already seated for the dinner.
  3. Don’t include pass around snacks: It may look trendy to serve the guests with sever walking to each individual in the crowd to offer snacks. But that can be a bit expensive. Although guests may consume more when buffet of snacks is arranged but still it will help you to cut the costs as the servers need to be paid a good amount.
  4. Set up the menu: Before you book the caterer for the wedding day, you must talk and discuss wedding catering menus and prices with the caterer. If you want a cocktail, then plan your drink menus as well. The bartender must have instructions to serve what is mentioned on the menu. Include popular cocktails and mocktails rather than neat glasses.
  5. Include Mini food options: These days mini food ideas are trending on the internet. These are a great way to cut down the cost of the food as well as prevent wastage. At weddings when there is a spread of food then many guests want to try numerous dishes and end up wasting food on their plates. Mini food options will provide guests a chance to try everything without wasting too much food.

These little costs on food and drink surely matter and it will play a significant role in planning your wedding in a particular budget. You must talk with your caterer to find out the best wedding menu in Kolkata and finalize that for the event. Proper planning and budgeting are essential for a wedding if you don’t want to end up in a nightmare after the event. Celebrate your wedding with the guests with a proper plan of execution!


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