The Prime Goal Of Wedding And Catering Service

Food is one of the most popular religions among us-Indians. To be honest, stronger and surer bonds have been formed at the dining tables than inside prayer halls. With that in mind, we decided to bring more goodies (good news) for the foodies. We came together to form ‘Royal Cook Caterer’-the best wedding and catering service you will find in the city.

No, we are not certifying ourselves as the very best. We are leaving that to your taste buds. We are only saying that we formed this wedding and catering service with the goal of serving nothing but the best food.

And what sets us apart? Knowing our skills and bettering them. We have a large spread of dishes knowing that Indians are gregarious in their whims and desires. They want to be spoiled for choices when it comes to food. We stick our strength-which is Indian cuisine, and ensure that we are truly the best Indian wedding and catering service in that area.

Scroll through our menu and you will find veg and non-veg options fit for a king. We have items from all parts of India- papads, chats, idlis, pani puris, biriyanis, rotis and sweets. While we do not drift far from what we specialize in, we also listen to your demands of the day. Every occasion demands innovation and careful curation. We understand the Indian sensibility and know that how you are honoured depends on what you serve.  Royal Cook Caterer cooks will never make you lose face or appetite. Starting from our quirky and tasty appetizers to our fit-for-the-season deserts, you will have finger-licking guests and zero threat to your reputation. Yes, we do not have too many cooks, but we have put our time and effort into selecting the best of them. No wonder none of them will spoil your food!

You evolve as a foodie; we as caterers evolve with you. From the veteran foodies, our curries and spices and aromas have drawn long and appreciative sighs.  At the same time, we have given joyrides to kids with our deserts. Children with creamy mustaches are a regular sight in the birthday parties we serve at.

We remember the concern our mothers had when they prepared the tastiest food for us. They worried about how not to compromise on the healthiness factor to please our taste buds. We are a wedding and catering serve which gives top priority to health and hygiene. Rest assured that you will burp healthy after our meals.

A hearty appetite means that you are doing it right. Nothing else is a surer signal of a happy heart and a healthy body. Royal Cook Caterer indulges your appetite and feeds you a platter to remember. We cook happiness and bonhomie. We are committed to curving bigger smiles with the breads we curve, the soups we stir and the platters we serve each time.


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