What To Look For When Choosing Wedding Caterers in Kolkata?

A marriage is a sacred institution and a wedding event is the most special day in the life of the couple getting married. Not just the couple, but the event is auspicious for both their families as well. We all know how glittery a Bengali or Indian wedding can become. Along with that, we know that food is an important part of any wedding occasion. This is when one needs best caterers in Kolkata.

Choosing the venue and shopping for the wedding does not end the long list of things that need to be done when hosting a wedding event. Amongst many other concerns, finding reliable, efficient and the right wedding caterers in Kolkata is important. There are a few things to look into when choosing a caterer for food and beverages at a wedding.

Choosing Top Wedding Caterers: Things To Remember

There are a lot of options when looking for top caterers in Kolkata. Although, all of them may not be suitable or appropriate for your wedding occasion. Some may not be able to match your requirements, event date while some may not be able to match the taste and choice of menu of you and your guests. This is why you need to carefully choose amongst the top caterers.

For that, all you need to do is simply remember a few things when choosing a caterer. Here are some of the things to remember:

  • Have a fixed budget and check if the service provider can match your needs within your budget.
  • Look into customer reviews and ratings on the Internet. A good service provider will generally have great reviews and a decent rating.
  • Do discuss the number of guests (an approximate) who will be present at the event. It makes it easier for them to give you a more accurate quote.
  • Ask about the number of servers that will be present at the event. It is important that the server to guest ratio is feasible.
  • Always ask for sampling and taste all the dishes on the menu you finalise.
  • You may also ask if they offer any additional services like decoration, etc.
  • Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure that the service provider has proper safety and hygiene measures in place and follows all health and safety guidelines.

All that being said, if it comes to one of the top wedding caterers in Kolkata, then Royal Cook Caterers are one of the most reliable and reputed names. They are known for their quality, versatility and excellent services. If you need the best food for your wedding event, you can definitely give them a call for all information.

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