Enjoying The Perfect Bengali Wedding Menu With A Reliable Caterer In Kolkata

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It is not an unknown fact that one of the most important things in a Bengali wedding is the food. Not just a wedding, Bengalis are known across the country and throughout the globe for two things: literature and of course food.

When it is about a wedding, food is the best way to offer the finest experience to your guests and bond with them. Guests may forget an exotic venue and the glitz and glam of the decor, but delicious food is something they simply cannot forget.

Bengali weddings are a dream come true for any foodie and that becomes perfect when the menu is served by a reputable and reliable caterer in Kolkata.

The Perfect Bengali Wedding Menu: Diversity Is The Key

Bengalis have a special kind of attachment to food and when it is a wedding, Bengalis do not hesitate to go the extra mile to achieve palatial satisfaction. The most important characteristic of a Bengali wedding menu is the diversity of the menu.


There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing the perfect Bengali wedding menu. Some people prefer a simple and traditional menu with the very “characteristic” Bengali food on the menu while others look for a more varied combination of different kinds of items or even cuisines.

Since it’s about food, it is obvious that you cannot compromise on the quality. This is why you would need the best Bengali caterer to prepare the food for the wedding event. That being said, any reputable caterer in Kolkata will be able to offer you the following options.

These options are a must in all kinds of Bengali weddings, no matter if you want a traditional menu or if you need the ultimate fusion fest.

Bengali Wedding Menu


Vegetarian Starters

There will be vegetarian guests at a Bengali wedding, and you must have the customary vegetarian dish options for starters. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests can relish these dishes.

  • Mochar Chop
  • Veg pakoras/fritters
  • Paneer Tikka


Non-Vegetarian Starters

  • Fish Finger/Cutlets
  • Kabiraji
  • Kebabs (Mutton Seekh Kabab/Reshmi Kabab, etc.)
  • Fried Chicken


For a live stall, you can also have fuchka or papri chaat. 


Vegetarian Main Course

  • Kochuri/Luchi
  • Aloor Dum
  • Chholar Dal
  • Basanti Pulao
  • Navaratna Korma
  • Kadhai Paneer


Non-Vegetarian Main Course

  • Chicken/Mutton Biryani
  • Steamed Basmati Rice
  • Chicken Rezala
  • Ilish Paturi
  • Chingri Malai Curry
  • Rui Maacher Kalia/ Doi Katla



A key element of Bengali cuisine is the desserts which are renowned all across the globe. A lot of sweets are mandatory which includes options like Roshogolla, Sandesh, Rajbhog, and of course Mishti Doi.

Before that, the customary tomato and dates chutney, mango chutney or aamsotto chutney must also be featured.


These are the basic items on the perfect Bengali menu and you need to speak with one of the best Bengali caterers in Kolkata to make sure you can get the perfect menu for your wedding and delicious food that can impress and offer the guests the perfect palatial experience and satisfaction.

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