4 Reasons Why We Are Best Bengali Caterer

Indian occasions can be accomplished only by the compliments from the guests about the food. Without lip-smacking food any Indian occasion, especially a wedding ceremony can be not completed. Years passed, but people keep remember what they had eaten on that particular occasion and how they welcomed by the host. In India, it’s not just serving the food to the guests. It’s about to maintain the Indian culture –”Atithi Debo Bhaba” –here guests are considered as God. Tantalizing the taste buds of the guests is the utmost thing to the hosts. Gone with the days, when the occasion arises, people used to cook by themselves at the house. But time changes, now people hire professionals who take the responsibilities from the cooking finger-licking food to serving the food in a unique style. For quality food and unique decorating service; you must hire Best Bengali Caterer.

In Kolkata, there are a variety of types of caterers who claim to serve the guests with good foods. But very few of them can meet the expectations of the host. Serving quality food in trendy mode is the utmost thing these days. People should remember the food quality. And here, the Royal cook caterer team will assure you that you are in the right place. We can say proudly say that we are the Top caterer in Kolkata.


What services are offered by our Royal cook caterer?

  • Food quantity is always sufficient than the numbers of the invitee.
  • The budget of the host never exceeds.
  • The menu selection is chosen based on the occasion, religion, and budget of the host.
  • The starter menu will enhance the appetite.
  • The main course will also please the taste-buds.
  • The dessert menu is always unique.
  • Service arrangements are based on the occasion type.
  • The guest management service is unquestionable.
  • Wide ranges of Crockery items and sitting arrangements

Why we are called Best Bengali Caterer?

  • Serve a variety of foods timely-

At, Royal Cook Caterer, you will have the best cooks who know the most innovative ways to cook traditional foods unconventionally. They give constant effort to present a new dish. Whatever the numbers of the invitee -there is no record of running out of foods or wastages of food. And foods are served on time always.

  • Authentic spices and other ingredients

We always use genuine spices so that aroma of the foods will make you amazed. We always maintain the quality and hygiene of the food. That’s why we are enlisted in the category of Top caterer in Kolkata.

  • Food items always fit in all seasons-

Food items are suitable based on the season. If the special guests of the occasion are allergic to any specific fruit or vegetables or meats- then our cooks will avoid those items simply and will present another lip-smacking food instead.

  • Arrangements of sitting and eating always suit the invitees-

Based on the occasion type and the wishes of the host, we go for the arrangements. Not a single invitee will feel uncomfortable with the sitting arrangements- we promise that.

Eating food is not just filling the stomach. It’s all about eating the food while enjoying the aroma of the food made by the quality ingredients. And the most important thing- welcomed by the smiling catering persons and served by the smiling persons. We, Royal cook caterer people never dishearten you if you are looking for Best Bengali Caterer.



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