Get the Top Finger-Licking Bengali Cuisines with the Best Caterers in Kolkata

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Are you excited to experience the Bengali Delicacies? Then the Best Caterers in Kolkata is here for you. The Royal Cook Caterer is all geared up with various Bengali platters. Here clients can satisfy their tastebuds without any complaints. All feedback from previous clients is positive feedback. There is no compromise with the food hygiene, quality, etc. We have specialized chefs who are experts in customizing menus for each occasion or each client. Bengali cuisine has its unique diversity which makes the eaters remember the foods even after a long time. If you are planning something- any occasion or want to invite a bunch of guests – you can book our caterers without any hesitation.

Bengalis are known for their passion for the food. On every occasion in Kolkata- they celebrate their joys with a variety of foods. Recently they tended to experience healthy and hygienic foods. And here the Royal Cook Caterer never let you down. It is known as the Best Caterers in Kolkata. Here you will avail one of the finest Bengali culinary with a customizing facility.

What are the special features of the Royal Cook Caterers?

Snacks Items

Based on the timing of the occasion- evening or noon- you can choose the snack items or starters. There are ample snack items available at the Royal Cook Caterers. It is one of the most popular Bengali caterers in Kolkata. If you want to taste Bengali delicacies, then you can avail of fish-finger- with genuine Bhetki fish, and Topshe fry. If you want to try some experimental dishes on starters like chicken tandoori, – then also You won’t be disappointed here.

Mocktails Section

You can try out various types of Bengali sharbat or freshener drinks like – Gandharaj Ghol, Dab malai Sharbat, Aam Pora Sharbat, and Blue Lagoon- Your guests will remember these for a long. Guests from the West Bengal or out of the West Bengal will be amazed by these mocktails. Also, you can avail here the conventional Mocktails too.

Now Come to the Main Course Section

Royal Cook Caterer has ample categories of main courses. On the bread section, you can choose Kulcha, Peas Kachuri (Koraisutir Kachuri-it is solely Bengali food). One the rice section- you can select Basanti Pulau or Jeera rice or Jafrani Pulau, etc. With these, you can choose a Panir item or Dhokar Dalna (it is solely Bengali food), Chana, or chole item. After that, you can serve Beguni or Panir cutlet (for Vegetarian people) or fish fry. Fish fry or chicken cutlet. Fish fry or chicken cutlet and Panir Cutlet is incomplete with salad and mustard sauce (kasundi). Next, you can select Hilsa vapa or Hilsa paturi or Bhetki Paturi or Chingri Bhapa. After that, you can choose items from the Mutton or Chicken category- Chicken or Mutton Resala or Chicken or Mutton kasha. Those are vegetarian people, for them, you can keep Fulkopir Roast or Chanar Dalna. The main course will end with chutney (Mango chutney, Pineapple chutney), papad, and pan. Your guests will be astonished by this variety of cuisines with a Bengali touch. It is available at the Royal Cook Caterer. It is known as the Top Bengali Caterers in Kolkata.

Dessert section

Here The Royal Cook Caterer will surprise you with a variety of Sweets- Hot Gulab jamun/ Baked Rasogolla/Bhapa Doi/Hot Malpua/Rabri- the list is never-ending.

So, if you want to give a memorable event to your guests and want to amaze them by a variety of foods-then the Royal Cook Caterer is the right option for you. It is one of the Best Caterers in Kolkata. You will avail of customized catering services. It is very much affordable too.

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